Winter Ave Zoli Actor - Daughter of German Scientist Karl Draper Edit

Winter Ave Zoli was born in New Hope, Pennsylvania. At the age of 11, she moved with her family to Prague, Czech Republic, where she was able to fully plant her Czech roots from her fathers side of the family.

She studied middle school and high school at the International School of Prague. She transitioned her way from ballet to musical theater, developing a love for the stage, and for the craft of acting. She began working professionally at the age of 13, and developed her resume through acting opportunities on European and American productions that came through Prague. At 17, she attended the Carnegie-Mellon summer school theater program, and at 19 enrolled in the Atlantic Theater Company acting school in New York city, founded by playwright David Mamet, and actor William H. Macy. After graduating from the professional program,

Winter moved to Los Angeles, where she resides. Besides acting, her most beloved moments come from horse back riding, yoga, and running in the canyons of Los Angeles. She starred in the 2003 Film, The League of Extraodinairy Gentlemen parts of the movie were filmed in Hungary and in the Czech Republic.

The original film included a character named Eva Draper (played by Winter Ave Zoli),. She was cut from the film but remained in the promotional material. She appeared in two scenes. The first scene was cut from the film, while in the second she was digitally replaced by another character Tom Sawyer.

As of 2013, she has worked three times with Ron Perlman (Hellboy (2004), Sons of Anarchy (2008),Bad Ass (2012)). Published By JEM 04.07.14

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