William Samson Junior was the son of William Samson Senior and an agent of British Intelligence. He served much of his adventures in Afghanistan alongside his deadly cricket-bat wielding colleague Chung. In 1946, Samson was recruited by MI5 to the League and serving as a stand-in for Allan Quatermain. The League did not last long due to tension among its members, which Samson attempted and failed to recreate the Mina Murray/Quatermain relationship with Joan Warralson (who is homosexual). After the League disbanded, Samson returned to Kabul.


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William Samson Junior is the "Wolf of Kabul," who appeared in over 100 stories in various story papers from 1922 to 1972. The Wolf of Kabul, whose real name was Bill Sampson (often shown as "Samson"), is an agent for the British Intelligence Corps operating on the Northwest frontier of India.

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