The United States of America is a country located in North America. It is a significant world and cultural power.

History Edit

Prior to 1776, the United States was a colony of Great Britain. Not much is known of what occurred during this period, although Natty Bumppo, an American hunter, was a member of the League during the 1700s.

Following the American Civil War, John Carter, a Confederate Soldier, was astrally transported to Mars, where he became a leader amongst the Red Martians and married Dejah Thoris.

By 1920, the US was a rapidly growing power, with various individuals such as the ruthless press magnate Charles Foster Kane, the inventors Frank Reade Jr.Jack Wright and Tom Swyfte, and the famed socialite Jay Gatsby dominating the scene of that period.

Following the Second World War, communist President Mike Thingmaker led the Union, changing the national flag into a red-white-red standard, and enforcing purges on Capitol Hill; the US was also allied with the totalitarian regime of Big Brother in the UK during this period. By the 1960s, things had rapidly changed--the US was led by its youngest president in decades, a hippie by the name of Max Foster who enforced concentration camps for those older than 30, where the inmates were forced to drink LSD. By the 1970s up to the 1990s, various darker incidents occurred within the US--the activities of a detective unit in Baltimore, as well as the infestation of Salem's Lot and the Twin Peaks murders. By 2009, the president of the US was David Palmer, an African-American politician who had succeeded former President Josiah Bartlett to lead the Union.

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