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The Doctor is time traveling adventurer of the great and old race known as the Time-Lords. A common trait among his species is the "regeneration cycle", which means that a Time-Lord can die and reincarnate 12 times before being effectively killed.


An illustration of the Doctor's ship, the TARDIS (which takes the form of a blue police box) can be seen in a map of the Blazing World.


  The Second incarnation of the Doctor appears in 1969.


The Second Incarnation of the Doctor (bottom left corner) watches the Londoner urban life, in 1969.


The First and Eleventh incarnations of the Doctor appear and run off, shortly before Andrew Norton, another time traveller, shows up.


The First and Eleventh incarnations of the Doctor in 2009.



The Doctor is from BBC's long running TV-series Doctor Who . Due to copyright reasons, the doctor is never referenced by name.

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