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Tacarigua 1987

Tacarigua Ishmael, who refers herself as Mister Ishmael, is a childhood friend and the first mate of Jack Dakkar. She is the daughter of Tobias and Luala Ishmael.

In 1975, she accompanied Jack Dakkar to stow away on Janni Nemo's pursuit of the Ayesha clones. When Jack saved a younger Ayesha clone and she turned on him, Tacarigua saved him and murdered the clone.

In 2009 she accompanied Jack Dakkar as he threatened nuclear attacks on Islamabad, Pakistan in regard to Kashmir. These threats, along with their business in Somolia were in fact smoke screens to distract from the construction of a new Nautilus on Lincoln Island.


Tacarigua 2009

Appearances Edit

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