Scoti Moria, or Summer Island, is a floating island usually located in the Thames-Isis gulf about a mile southeast of Clacton, England. The island is known for only its powers of mobility and for the shameful indolence and sloth displayed by its Naiad inhabitants. In 1673, Captain Robert Owemuch discovered Scoti Moria and embarrassingly claimed it as "Summer Island".

A Naiad named Lebowsky later joined Captain Owemuch's crew and subsequently settled in America.

Source materialEdit

Floating Island or Scoti Moria is from "Frank Careless"' The Floating Island or a new Discovery Relating the Strange Adventure on a late Voyage from Lambethana to Villa Franca, Alias Ramallia, to the Eastward of Terra Del Templo: By three Ships, viz., the 'Pay-naught,' the 'Excuse,' and the 'Least-in-Sight' under the Conduct of Captain Robert Owe-much: Describing the Nature of the Inhabitants, their Religion, Laws and Customs (1673). Floating Island is a small island located in the middle of the Thames-Isis Gulf, off the coast of England. The island floats away in winter and hides until the summer, hence its names.

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