Sanderson Reed was seemingly a liaison for the British Empire, who recruited Allan Quatermain to join The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He was, in reality, working for Professor James Moriarty. Reed appeared in the 2003 film version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where was portrayed by British actor Tom Goodman-Hill.


In 1899, Sanderson Reed ventured to Kenya on behalf of James Moriarty, who was at the time posing as M, the head of the British Secret Service. Reed's task was to find and recruit legendary British adventurer Allan Quatermain to join The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A group of assassins then turned up to try and kill Quatermain, but this was a ruse by Moriarty to convince Quatermain to join the League. Quatermain reluctantly returned to England with Reed and was introduced to the other League members.

During Moriarty's confession recording to the League, he revealed that Reed had been in on the entire scheme.

When the League attacked Moriarty's Mongolian fortress, Reed took some of Hawley Griffin's invisiblity formula, itself synthesized from the blood of Rodney Skinner, and turned himself invisible. He took Tom Sawyer hostage and brought him to the room where Quatermain was confronting Moriarty. Moriarty pointed out to Quatermain that Sawyer had been captured. Quatermain quickly spun around and shot Reed in the head, but the temporary distraction allowed Moriarty to fatally stab Quatermain in the back.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Sanderson Reed was portrayed in the film by British actor Tom Goodman-Hill.
  • Reed is not based on any pre-exisiting characters, but he does bare some resemblance to Campion Bond of the comics.
  • It is never stated in the film itself that the invisible man who captures Sawyer at the end is Reed, but this has been estabished in the script and the novelization by Kevin J. Anderson. Tom Goodman-Hill's voice is also heard from the invisible man during this scene.

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