The Riallaro Archipelago is a great cluster of small islands, surrounded by a ring of fog, and thus undiscovered by the outside world until the European steamship Daydream found its way there during 1900. In February 1881 Captain Nemo explored the Riallaro Archipelago where he found the islands as a "strategically disastrous group of territories" that avails him nothing in his intentions against the British Empire.

The Archipelago includes:

Aleofane, or 'Gem of Truth,' an island where fame is sold and traded, as a form of currency, and where communication seemingly depends entirely upon facial expressions such as raised eyebrows.

Fanattia, inhabited by wild-eyed reformers attempting to abolish each other.

Figlefia, populated by libertines.

Spectralia and Astralia, its people worship ghosts or astral bodies.

Haciocram, an isle of prophets, who declares that the true number of the Beast is '1999'.

Kloriole, Broolyi, Swoonarie, and Limanoria, where beliefs and ways of life are vary and radically eccentric.

Coxuria, populated by a race of pygmies who are confident that the creator of the Universe resembles them in shape and size.

Source materialEdit

The Riallaro Archipelago appears in John Macmillan Brown's Riallaro, the Archipelago of Exiles (1901) and Limanora, the Island of Progress (1903).

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