Nazar is a sub-surface realm located through a crevasse outside of Bergen, Norway. The realm was discovered by Norwegian traveller Nicholas Klim during the 1730's. Nazar was reportedly rule by women, educated apes, or walking trees and even places where the populace were half musical instruments.

Nazar has links with caves in central Norway's Dovre Fjell mountains.

Source materialEdit

Nazar was created by Baron Ludvig Holberg and appeared in Nicolai Klimii Iter Subterraneum Novam Telluris Theoriam Ac Historiam Quintae Monarchiae Adhuc Nobis Incognitae Exhibens E Bibliotheca B. Abelini ("The Journey of Niels Klim to a New Underground World, Setting Forth the Theory and History of Five Kingdoms Hitherto Unknown to Us, From the Library of B. Abelin") (1741).

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