Maria the female automaton.


Maria in her artificial skin in 1941.

Maria, or Maschinenmensch, was a female automaton robot, created in the Berlin Metropolis by Dr. C.A. Rotwang. Maria, along with her creator Rotwang, were members of Die Zwielichthelden, the German version of the League.

Maria was featured briefly in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier and played a major role in Nemo: The Roses of Berlin where she was a secondary antagonist. Maria was destroyed by Janni Dakkar in a confrontation in the Berlin Metropolis in 1941.

Source materialEdit

Maria appears in Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film Metropolis. She was portrayed by Brigitte Helm and was the first robot depicted in cinema.

In the movie Maria was built by C.A. Rotwang as an attempt to recreate his lost love Hel, who had rejected Rotwang in favour of his rival Joh Frederson (the master of Metropolis). Hel had died giving birth to Frederson's son Freder.

Frederson ordered Rotwang to complete his robot in the image of Maria, a prophet figure in the underground Workers' City, in order to destroy the real Maria's influence among the workers.

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