London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.


London was founded by Brutus of Troy as Troy-Novatum ("New Troy") in the 11th century BCE. By the Roman Era, the city was known as Londinium.

In July 1898, London's Limehouse area became the site of an aerial battle between Professor James Moriarty and The Doctor. A month later, South London was devastated in the Martian invasion.

In April 1910, the pirates of the Black Nautilus raided the London docks.

London was bombed during the Second World War.

Shortly after the Second World War, London was taken over by the Ingsoc Regime, led by the tyrannical Big Brother. Following the latter's assassination, the city went to work dismantling the monuments of the former Ingsoc government.

By 1969, London was in the grip of the psychedelic Summer of Love, with bands such as the Rutles and the Purple Orchestra making names for themselves in the city.

By 2009, London, reeling from the effects of the economic downturn, has changed into a dystopia--homelessness is rife, and large sections of the city have fallen into disrepair. It is also the site of the battle with the Antichrist.


  • British Museum - The secret headquarters of the League.
  • Cavor Monument - A statue of Selwyn Cavor in St. James Park commemorating his journey to the Moon.
  • Diogenes Club - A popular gentlemen's club where Britain's distinguishable figures including Prime Ministers and Cabinet members frequently meet.
  • The Basement - A popular club that has seen various incarnations over the years. In 1977 it was known as the Debasement, and catered to the punk rock scene. In 2009, it was known as the Drum'n Bassment, which catered to the goth and dubstep crowd.
  • Hornblower's Column - A statue of Napoleonic war hero Horatio Hornblower in Trafalgar's Square.
  • Hyde Park - Formerly known as Serpentine Park, it was changed to Hyde Park to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of Mr. Hyde against the Martians. In 1969, it was home to a concert by the Purple Orchestra.
  • Invasion Memorial Park - A memorial garden in the southern end of London Bridge to commemorate the military dead of the 1898 Martian invasion. It also contains a rebuilt Tripod turned into a children's play area. By 1969, the park fell into disrepair, and by 2009, it was closed and slated for demolition.
  • Limehouse - a section of the East End mostly populated by Chinese Migrants and a notable headquarters for Fu Manchu.
  • Professor Moriarty's Airship - After Professor Moriarty's airship plummeted into the Thames near Limehouse Reach in 1898, it has been intractable, despite frequent salvage attempts. As of 1901, there were plans to convert the airship into an 18th century style "prison hulk".
  • Freemasons Hall, Vauxhall - Headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service.
  • Wapping Docks - Formerly a harbour for Captain Nemo's Nautilus. By 1901, an inaccurate floating plywood replica of the submarine was assembled, with a blackface actor impersonating Nemo, to boost tourist trade.

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