Leixlip Castle is an enchanted site with numerous Grecian temples on its grounds and located near Dublin, Ireland. Despite its beautiful appearance, Leixlip nurses a dark history. During the 18th Century Jane Blaney, the daughter of the castle's first baron Redmond Blaney, seemingly fell foul of the castle's curse when she disappeared at the conclusion of an idle stroll through Leixlip's terraced grounds. An apparition of Jane Blaney is still seen, however, looking cold and famished, that is sometimes seen by visitors when passing though the castle's kitchens.

Source materialEdit

Leixlip Castle, Redmond Blaney, and Jane Blaney are from Charles Maturin's The Castle of Leixlip (1820). Leixlip Castle has a dark history, with Redmond Blaney's daughters being murdered by their husbands or taken by faeries.

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