Carter, Dakin and Wolfe Lovejoy (Basil Thomas' lover) in 1969, shortly before Jack starts his investigations.

Jack Carter was a London mob enforcer.


In 1969, Jack Carter was hired by mobster Vince Dakin to investigate the murder of Basil Thomas. Carter's investigations lead him to an occult bookshop owned by Kosmo Gallion, the current avatar of Oliver Haddo's spirit and leader of his cult, who orchestrated Thomas' murder. Carter then kills Gallion and unwittingly disrupting Gallion's ritual from transferring Oliver Haddo's spirit to Purple Orchestra's lead singer Terner.

Source materialEdit

Jack Carter was created by Ted Lewis and appears in Jack's Return Home. The novel was memorably brought to life in the cult film Get Carter, starring Michael Caine as Jack Carter. The character is not fully named for copyright reasons.

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