Greyfriars School was a English public school. In reality, Greyfriars also served as a recruiting ground for spies and agents for the British crown since the 16th century, in which Queen Gloriana I and spymaster Sir Jack Wilton had visited the school searching for potential recruits in 1564.

Noticeable students that attended Greyfriars are Billy Bunter, Harold Wharton, Robert Kim Cherry, and John Night; all of whom were observed as potential agents for MI5. Headmaster Henry Quelch was also one of these observers.

By 1958, Greyfriars had been closed down during the time of Harold Wharton's reign as "Big Brother". Billy Bunter remained as the sole resident and caretaker of the school.

Source materialEdit

Greyfriars School was the setting for Charles Hamilton's Greyfriars stories which first appeared in The Magnet and various other media.

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