Germany is a country located in central Europe.

History Edit

Germany was actively involved in the creation of a rival group to the British League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This group became known as Die Zwielichthelden, or the Twilight Heroes, as named by Kaiser Wilhelm II. Their members consisted of the criminal mastermind Dr. Werner Mabuse, the mesmerist Dr. Helmut Caligari and his mind-slave, Cesare, the mad inventor Carl A. Rotwang, and his maschinemensch, a robot known as Maria. Rotwang was notable for having designed the Berlin Metropolis, a vast city run by a working underclass that powered many of the machines in the upper city, which included elevated trains, factories, and the infamous Moloch Maschine.

Following the defeat of Germany in World War One, the country slipped in and out of economic depression before being taken over by the ruthless-yet-clownsy dictator Adenoid Hynkel. Under the regime of the double-cross, Germany expanded its borders, taking over other German-speaking countries such as Tomania and Meccania, and forging alliances with other fascist countries, such as Bacteria. In 1939, the Pan-German Union, under Hynkel, invaded Poland and Osterlich, deposing the tottering Ubu dynasty of Poland.

By 1941, the Pan-German Union had control over most of Europe. Hynkel, in need of alliances, attempted to forge one with Queen Ayesha of the African city-state of Kor, but this plan backfired due to the interference of Science-pirate Janni Nemo, and resulted in the aerial bombardment of the Berlin Metropolis and the death of Ayesha, as well as several remaining members of Die Zwielichthelden, namely Caligari and the maschinemensch. Germany also attempted to invade Great Britain via the Channel Causeway, which resulted in the destruction of the bridge by Mina Murray and the remnants of the original British League. It was also during this time that Germany perpetuated the blitz against London, which resulted in mass destruction across the British capital.

Germany was ultimately defeated in 1945, although there were rumours that clones of Adenoid Hynkel were being reared in Brazil by 1963.

Military Edit

During the 1940s, the German-Tomanian military was highly advanced, decades ahead of their Allied counterparts. Their military forces included jet-planes, jetpack troopers, as well as the infamous Schlaffkommandos , reared by Helmut Caligari himself. An apparent equivalent of the Schutzstaffel existed in Germany-Tomania, the only difference being that their symbol was two lightning bolts, rather than two sig runes.

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