Fantômas was a notorious French criminal mastermind and terrorist. Fantômas kept his true identity closely guarded, as few early acquaintances of Fantomas who lived to tell the tale could not between them give an accurate description of the man, or possibly even his gender.

He was approached and then joining Les Hommes Mystérieux. Out of the members of Mystérieux, Fantômas was considered to be the most dangerous member. Fantômas and Mystérieux fought the League, in which he and his team orchestrated a trap at the Paris Opera House by planting explosives beneath the building. Fantômas encountered Mina Murray and A.J. Raffles, which was ended when Fantômas uttered "I win," just as he detonated the explosives.

Source materialEdit

Fantômas was created by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain and appeared in forty-three novels from 1911 to 1963. He is "the Lord of Terror" and "the Genius of Evil," a French crime boss with who murders with abandon and aplomb. Fantomas is a master of disguise and no one ever knows what he looks like. He is often on occasion impersonated by his daughter Hélène.

Furthermore, it's also possible that Alan Moore included a scene underneath the Paris Opera House in order to imply that Fantomas was none other than the eponymous spectre of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

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