Captain Universe was a British superhero. During the early 1960's, he was a member of the British super-team known as the Seven Stars.


Jim Logan was an employee of the United Nations Interplanetary Division. While working on his lab, he discovered an amazing secret: whenever he shouted the word "Galap", eletronic impulses from outer space vibrates through his body, endowing him with amazing powers.

He is also brother of the famous space-pilot Jet-Ace Logan.

Role in LoEGEdit


Captain Universe in his space-sation, with Vull the Invisible and the frozen body of the Space-Wizard. (1964)

During the early 1960's, he was a member of the Seven Stars, a British group of superheroes assembled by Vull the Inivisible (in fact, a disguised Mina Murray).

In 1964, after the disbanding of the group, he took Vull to his space station, originally owned by the cruel vigilante known as the Space-Wizard. After talking about their short-lived group, he took her back to Earth in less than 3 days.

Source materialEdit

Captain Universe appeared in the British Captain Universe comics (1954), and was created by Mick Anglo.

His relationship with Jet-Ace Logan was invented by Alan Moore.

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