The man known as Mors was a German masked air pirate, who operated beetween the 19th and 20th Century.

History Edit

Mors operated as submarine captain, until he had become disillusioned with society. He took upon a mask and became an Air Pirate. Unlike most pirates he protected the poor and week, and in often violent methods attacked the rich and the oppressors. He is also one of the first Earthly astronaught, making a secondary ship , the Meteor, which was designed to travel in space.

Mors was considered to be one of the greatest science pirate of his time, along with Jean Robur and Captain Nemo. He was a good friend of Robur, and during the Martian invasion he had received a letter from Robur all about what his friend had seen. He died when he was sentenced to Adenoid Hynkel's death camps. He is survived by his grandson Manfred Mors.

Source material Edit

Captain Mors was the protagonist of The Air Pirate and His Steerable Airship, a German Dime Novel published between 1908 and 1911.

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