Hugo in 1958

Hugo Drummond is a racist, anti semitic, jingoistic British spy working for MI5. He has been an agent for the British Secret Service for many years.


Drummond is a wealthy man who was an officer in the "Royal Loamshire Regiment", who, after the First World War, began spending his new-found leisure time as a private detective. It began when he places an advertisement in the local newspaper. Hugo is a huge, muscular man, who has worked to remove the limitations of his size carries making him stealthy for someone his size.

He was a good friend of industrialist John Night and is the godfather of Night's daughter Emma, acting as her surrogate father since John was murdered. He is very protective of her, though she does disapprove of his bigotry.

In 1958 he was partnered with his goddaugther and Jimmy Bond to hunt down Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain, who had stolen the Black Dossier from MI5. Despite already getting older, Hugo was still a very strong man. The chase took them from London to Scotland, where Allan and Mina fled to the Blazing World with the help of the Galley-Wag. Hugo was the only one of the three agents who was not affected by the Galley-Wag's scream, and thus able to follow Mina and Allan into the ruins of the castle where the Galley-Wag's ship was hidden. Before he could stop the two, Mina told Drummond the truth about John Knight's death; Jimmy Bond had killed him on behalf of the CIA.

Enraged by this betrayel, Drummond allowed Mina and Allan to escape and instead began beating up Jimmy Bond. During their fight he greatly criticised Bond for always relying on his gadgets to help him out, and being unable to fight properly with just his bare hands. Before he could finish Bond however, Bond managed to grab his gun and kill Drummond.

Source materialEdit

Hugo Drummond was created under the name Bulldog Drummond by H. C. McNeile, and is the main character of a series of novels published from 1920 to 1954. The name Hugo was invented to veil the character's literary roots, as the character is not in the public domain. His relation to John Night is another element created for Black Dossier.