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Arrow jack
Broad Arrow Jack (born John Ashleigh) was a young Englishman who with his father and brother were the only survivors of a shipwreck. They were captured by a band who served the infamous Ogre. When Jack refuses to kneel to The Ogre he is branded on the back with a broad arrow, the traditional symbol of British authority.

Jack's father and brother are killed by The Ogre and his gang, and Jack embarks on an outlaw campaign of revenge and robbery against upper crust society) owing his nickname on the mark of his back

He eventually ended up back in England, having traveled a very long road, married to an aristocrat and living in Rockholme Castle.

He eventually became a crewman of the Nautilus under Captain Nemo. Broad Arrow Jack would marry Jenny Nemo.

Jack finally died at the hands of the automation Maria during a rescue mission in the Berlin Metropolis in 1941.


Broad Arrow Jack was the star of an eponymous 1866 "penny dreadful" written by E. Harcourt Burrage.

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