Dr. Barnstable Herzegovina Barnstable was a bachelor and mortician from Great Yarmouth, England, who is famous for perfecting the electrical cardio-turbine in 1862 as a means of ensuring a healthy and regular heartbeat in those suffering from cardiac distress.

Weighing somewhat in excess of 58 pounds, the device could either be stapled or glued to the patient's chest so that, in the event of their heart failing altogether, the patiently could swiftly crank the side-handle, hopefully generating enough current to restart the heart. An early model which played "Nearer, My God, to Thee" when the emergency handle was turned was found wanting in solemnity and swiftly phased out.

After various elderly patients suffered fatal execution as a result of poorly-attached catheters, Barnstable dropped from sight and reportedly spent the remainder of his life posing as a woman.

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