Babel is a South American metropolis locate north and not far from Buenos Aires. The city is host to two landmarks: the Palace of Justice and its library.

The Palace of Justice was a judicial court where those waiting for their cases to be heard will often pass the time by helping out with minor bureaucratic tasks, eventually promoted to become the Magistrate who will find them guilty in absentia.

Babel's library, sometimes called "The Universe," is filled with tiers of hexagonal galleries that are said to be infinite in number and contains every conceivable book that could ever be written, translated to every conceivable language. Somewhere within exists a perfect catalogue of all the library's tomes (along with a potentially infinite number of false catalogues) with generations of librarians expended in the search for this master codex.

Source materialEdit

Babel and its library are from Jorge Luis Borges' La Biblioteca de Babel (1941). The Palace of Justice is from Marco Denevi's ¿El primer cuento de Kafka? (1966).

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